Interview #1

Henry & Bill answer:

  1. What motivated you guys to write Finding God’s Purpose for Your Career?
  2. Why are there Bible verses in your book?
  3. What differentiates your book from other books in the same industry?
  4. What exercises in the book are most helpful?
  5. What is Ikigai and how do you use it in the book?
  6. How do you use the Next Steps In Life exercise to help job seekers?
  7. Why is a clear, compelling, concise value proposition so important?
  8. How do finances impact a job search?
  9. What are the most important soft skills?
  10. What is your approach for finding the hidden job market?

Interview #2

Henry & Bill answer:

  1. What’s the response rate for jobs posted online?
  2. How does your book help improve those odds?
  3. What’s the key to successful interviewing?
  4. What’s the key to effective negotiating?
  5. What about ageism or other forms of discrimination?
  6. Why do you have a whole chapter on Resilience and Attitude?
  7. What are key trends in the job market today?
  8. What are new fields that will create more jobs?
  9. What is a Plan B?
  10. Besides the book, what programs do you offer to help job seekers?

Book Trailer

Finding and manifesting the reasons why God put us here is almost a universal quest. Author Henry Lesher has helped thousands answer that question, and many more with a pragmatic, faith-filled customized one-on-one approach that clients love. This book is the guide or roadmap to define your dreams and career goals, and then make them happen, no matter which stage you are in. It will help you with upgrading your position with your current employer or with one who provides greater responsibility and/or compensation, making a career change, deciding your direction, and finding a new position.

Finding God’s Purpose For Your Career

I’d like to thank my friend and coaching colleague Bill for providing the inspiration to write this book and helping me realize the direct correlation between one’s work and faith. This is a compilation of over forty years of successfully helping thousands of clients from all backgrounds—from entry level graduates to CEOs. My goal is that these innovative job search tools will also help you achieve your full potential.

To all military veterans and first responders who provide freedom and protection for others to pursue their life dreams and career pathways. You will always have our gratitude for your selfless service and sacrifices.

~ Henry Lesher

Who Should Read This Book

  • Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Corporate Executives
  • Educators
  • Athletes
  • Law Enforcement

Book Benefits

  • Job Seekers
  • Career Seekers
  • Faith-Based Individuals
  • Those who are Motivated
  • Those who are Ready for Change
  • Those who Recognize They Cannot do it on Their Own
  • Those with Financial Means to Invest in Themselves

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